Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Time To Love and Wonder

The first album from Motown marvel Stevie Wonder since 1995’s Conversation Piece, will be released on October 18th. Singles from the upcoming album, A Time 2 Love, came out in the spring, with “So What the Fuss” and “From the Bottom of My Heart” having airplay for several months. The album was first slated to come out in June but was repeatedly pushed back. “So What the Fuss” features Prince, but he’s not the only superstar to lend his talents to this record. Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, country superstar Bonnie Raitt, and R&B singer India.Arie are all lending their talents to the album.

The fifteen tracks on Wonder’s new record are:
"If Your Love Cannot Be Moved"
"Sweetest Somebody I Know"
"Moon Blue"
"From the Bottom of My Heart"
"Please Don't Hurt My Baby"
"How Will I Know" "My Love Is on Fire"
"Passionate Raindrops"
"Tell Your Heart I Love You"
"True Love" "Shelter in the Rain"
"So What the Fuss"
"Can't Imagine Love Without You"
"A Time to Love"