Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Predict The weather

Unusual twinkling of stars: double horns to the moon:, halos around stars or moon: "wind dogs - increasing wind, or rain with a liability of wind
Wind shifting from west to east - increase of wind front the other direction
Rosy sky at sunset - fine weather
Sickly, greenish - colored sunset - Wind and rain
Dark red or crimson sunset - rain
Bright-yellow sky at sunset - wind
Pale-yellow, or saffron sunset - rain
Mixed red and yellow sunset - rain and squally weather
Remarkably clear atmosphere with distant objects standing above the water and seemingly in air - wind, usually from the northwest, and often rain
Heavy dews - Erie weather
Fogs - change in weather and little wind
Misty clouds on hills, remaining stationary, increasing or descending - rain and wind
Misty clouds on hills, rising or dispersing - fairer weather
Red morning sky - bad weather and wind
Gray morning sky - fine weather
High dawn (dawn seen above a bank of clouds) - wind
Low dawn (daylight breaking close to the horizon) - fair
Soft, delicate clouds - fair and light winds
Hard - edged, oily clouds-wind
Dark, gloomy sky - windy
Light, bright sky - fine weather
Small, inky clouds - rain
Light "scud,"' or small clouds moving across heavier clouds - Wind and rain
Light, scudding clouds by themselves - wind and dry weather
High, tipper clouds scudding past moon or stars in a different direction from the lower cloud masses - change of wind
Fine weather followed by light streaks, wisps, or mottled patches of distant clouds that increase and join - change
Haze that becomes murky and clouds the sky - change to bad weather
Light, delicate colors, with soft edged clouds - fine weather
Brilliant, or gaudy, colors and sharp, hard-edged clouds - rain and wind
Mackerel sky (small, separate, white clouds covering the sky) - wet weather
"Mares' tails" (long, wispy, curved, isolated clouds against a blue sky) - wind
Rainbow early in the morning - bad weather
Rainbow in afternoon - fair