Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal

Vivid Entertainment, the leading adult film studio, is releasing a DVD comprising over 70 minutes of uncut and uncensored video of Sizemore having inexhaustible sex with up to four young women at a time.

Vivid has added a candid audio interview in which Sizemore talks about his early admiration for his ex-girlfriend former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss and a night of raw sex with Paris Hilton in 2001.

Of Fleiss he says: " She captured my imagination; she comported herself with great dignity and earned $20-million in the sex business by the age of 27. Come on; that girl has talent."

He also claims that a few years ago he had a party at his house and that after the guests left, he heard the repeated clicks of a cigarette lighter. Following the sounds he discovered Hilton by herself in his gym. He says she walked over to him and suggested quite explicitly that they have sex together. "She knew what she could do to people," says Sizemore. After a sex-filled night, Sizemore says, Hilton abruptly left in the morning, climbing into a long limousine with the parting words: "Goin' to Sundance. See you next week." He does not relate whether they got together again.

Sizemore reveals that he has been suffering from massive depression and fighting legal proceedings. In 2004 he was tried and convicted of battering and making harassing calls to Fleiss. He was also found guilty of being under the influence and in possession of crystal methamphetamine, which he claims he was taking to relieve his depression. He was ordered to an inpatient drug rehab clinic in Los Angeles County. On Monday, October 17th, the court put him on probation for three years.

Sizemore is a self-proclaimed sex addict who says he has a condition known as priapism, which causes an involuntary prolonged erection that allows him to perform intercourse for unusually long periods of time.