Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Daily Show, Sans Jon Stewart

When the Comedy Central program The Daily Show With Jon Stewart canned its original set for a slicker, newsier replacement, much wailing and rending of garments could be heard throughout the land.

But while the old set may be sorely missed on TV, one group of die-hard Daily Show junkies plans to resurrect it for a cross-country tour -- and a new life online. The fans purchased the old set in an eBay auction held earlier this year benefiting 826NYC, a nonprofit youth-literacy center in New York City.

Using the name Mouth of America Network, or Moan TV, the winning bidders now plan to produce an internet project called 'The Daily Set Without Jon Stewart,' to consist of podcasts, a blog and video webcasts that chronicle the adventures of the old set as it travels cross-country.

Wired News