Sunday, October 09, 2005

The black America Paradox

In the world of race in America in 2005 nothing is ever as simple as black or white.

In 2005 black unemployment in the US was 10,8%, compared to 4,7% for whites.

More than 70% of whites own their homes. Fewer than 50% of blacks do.

Blacks are twice as likely as whites to die from disease, accident or murder.

Black life expectancy is six years less than white life expectancy.

Blacks are three times as likely as whites to be jailed and their sentences are often six months longer.

Net worth of a black household is 10 times less than a white one.

Even as the old racism lies dead, its legacy endures in the American economy. As the black middle class grows and black politicians rise to the pinnacle of power, wealthy America -- both black and white -- has still not come to grips with the problems of its millions of poor black citizens. Protest will not win these issues. All the old racist laws have been stricken from the books. Now it's economics.

The paradox that divides black America